ABGYL Updates

Indoor: March 24th is the last session at Teamworks before beginning outdoor practices week of March 25th.


Team assignments should be known by the final indoor practice (3/24).

As a reminder, indoor sessions are a key component to the coaches’ abilities to make two even teams. We understand this is a very busy time with playoffs for the Winter Sports but please come when you can!

Team Assignments will be placed in Demosphere, and accessible with the Demosphere APP where you’ll be able to access your team, roster, coaches, game schedules and team chats for 2024.


The first games will be held Sunday 4/7! The Founders Youth Lacrosse League Game Schedule will be live by 3/25. Team Coaches will begin to email their respective teams around this time.

Uniforms and Swag:

Orders are in and the process of distributing has begun! This will continue at the final indoor session next Sunday. If you have any questions, please reach out to Kristen Musick at kmccarthy06@gmail.com